About Us

At the beginning of 2013 a group of talented niche perfume makers has gathered in London, the city of artistic and cosmopolitan inspiration, sharing an ambitious goal: creating a masterpiece collection of perfumes that could charm the senses of the world ‘s elite society and the sophisticated taste of royal families. After months of intense research among the most precious fragrances, the collection was finally created and, since the very beginning, it shined like a rare diamond.

The perfume makers then decided to head to Milan to search for the best interpreters who could tailor a unique and precious dress for their sensorial masterpiece: a bespoke packaging specifically designed to suit the perfume opulence and elegance. And so, Lord perfume collection was finally complete like the most illuminating work of art.

Lord perfumes have immediately become the Royal Families’ choice and the most appreciated perfumes in the Arabian Gulf markets, the most sophisticated markets, constantly keen for uniqueness and elegance when perfumes matter. In a few years, the brand’s popularity spread all over the Gulf Countries and Lord opened 12 stores in the most high-end malls and department stores.

Lord means beauty, luxury, and elegance, like the most distinctive colors and materials chosen by its designers to dress such enchanting fragrances: black and gold, with a complex shape that resembles a diamond, the most valued gem on earth. All perfumes are kept in refined wooden boxes as precious jewels.

From this unique perfume collection, Lord has crafted a world of beauty, elegance, and magnificence, launching new products like cosmetics, bags, candles, and accessories, in order to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.