The scent of this romantic collection takes you to a journey of love and romance, with an aromatic blend that specially designed for the pleasure and intimate moments. With an odorous components full of visionary night flowers filled with some of cherry, raspberry, jourd, jasmine, honey, vanilla and other essential ingredients that tickle your feelings and accompany you to the world of seduction and magic.

Velvet Rose

Bergamot, orange, wormwood, rose, jasmin, patchouly, gourmand (vanillin, coumarin), musks, ambers.
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In a mysterious way, this floral fragrance embodies a secret love story, the red blossoms with the touches of the jasmine invite you to escape to distant places to live your own story. The smell of tunak Jasmin and the creamy sandalwood sneaks as a playful expression of fun and femininity that characterize this Unique fragrance X


Bergamot, orange, rose, ylang ylang, patchouli, gourmand (vanillin, coumarin), musk, and ampere.
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A tempting perfume like a magical love story, this fragrance embodies the wonderful floral elements taken from the blossoms of orange, jasmine and Jory, as a woman in love, who is not afraid to play with fire, to entice all around her in her fascinating charm. For the experience of eternal love, we added to the composition of the black truffle fragrance with a touch of jasmine and patchouli X


bergamot, orange, Jasmin, musks, amber
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Sweet like a pear candy, warm like a wood fire, beautiful like a floral bouquet. Love story opens with sweet red fruits to develop into a beautiful bouquet of roses, peonies and jasmine. Just like a love story the fragrance is sparkling, sweet, delicate like petals, deep and rich like the feeling of love. This perfume is a love elixir X

From Eastern amazing legends, stories, we present you the Oriental perfumes which contain luxury collection of the rarest and most valuable material long used by the Arabs in celebrations and events and offers for the Kings as Oud, incense, musk, sandalwood and amber with a combination of Oriental spices and a Carefully selected from the flowers to form a rich and aromatic tribe for who adores luxurious fragrant perfumes.

Moroccan Oud

buchu, Styrax, benzoin, rose, saffron, patchouly, vetiver, ambers, musks
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The Moroccan oud from Lord takes you on a marvels journey to Morocco, to discover the mysteries of the Moroccan desert, including the magic adventures of the arab ancients seeking the finest spices, the unique and luxurious combination of spices and wood with the aromas of the luxurious oud. X

Imperial oud

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When a member of the royal family asks our nesh perfume expert, to come with a composition that imitates nobility and scarcity, this fragrance brings an exquisite combination. To emulate the magic and spirit of the east civilization, the rare oud atoms mixed with a special blend of oriental wood and frankincense with puffs of roses, musk, flowers and oaks. X

His Highness

bergamot, rose, nutmeg, labdanum, patchouly, ambers, musks
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With a unique and rare combination of the highness and the elite, the oud and frankincense blends with glimpses of amber and musk reveal a rich history of arab passion for creating royal niche perfumes from the most precious and rare oud wood and luxuriously blended ingredients to give you a royal, rich and attractive fragrance. X

Looking for the absolute exclusiveness, our fragrance composition experts noted that no perfume can satisfy the luxury feelings for some people. So the most famous perfume designers accept the challenge to create a fabled perfume in this remarkable and matchless collection wherefore we called this collection the luxury collection. Adopt less it makes you feel pride and affluence.

Light & Shadow

cedarwood, black pepper, mandarin, patchouly, incense, amber
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In a complete contrast, like the contrast between light and darkness, you find in the composition of this fragrance a journey of extreme pleasure, where we mixed in a mad way the best incense and patchouli with touches of spices, as soon as its worn, it raises curiosity and attractive smell, blended with sandalwood and amber, which has a unique combination and an exquisite background of rare oud wood. X


Bergamot, Orange, Jasmin, Musk, Amber
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You can see the legend of the Phantom of the opera covered with black scarves when spraying this fragrance, where everyone charms by the aroma through a unique harmonious mixture of damascus roses and lily of the valley with touches of magnolia , and the composition gives you an irresistible feeling, and royal presence with aria of jasmine and flowers Violet to give the fragrance a sense of luxury, while leaving amber and rum leaves a strong fingerprint long lasting to draw attention and feelings wherever you go. X


grapefruit, lemon, orange, cardamome, geranium, patchouly, vetiver, cedarwood, amber
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Elegant, rich and mysterious, this complex composition with its warm oriental notes is the perfect scent to wear for a special event. The edgy spicy top notes with grapefruit create a beautiful opening for this sweet woody ambery composition. This perfume is all about sensuality and allure. X

For the fame and lights seekers we brought together a selection of perfume makers to synthesis this tumultuous and unique collection, allocated only for unconventional occasions. But beware! If you're afraid to be under attention, this collection might not suit you, because you will be the focus of attention wherever you move when you use this distinguished perfumes.

Champs Elysees

Lemon, orange, rose, jasmine, patchouly, musks, ambers.
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Wearing this perfume, immediately makes you feels that you are in Paris, walking in its most famous streets: Champs Elysees, a luxurious aromatic combination of flowers and citrus, intimate and rich moments with the fragrance of wood. X

occasion 6 pm

lemon, orange, gourmand (ethyl maltol, vanillin), musks, ambers.
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The aroma of the natural ingredients of this perfume, takes you into historical trip with Grapefruit, pineapple, peach, and then flies you on magic carpet of valley lilies and jasmine, then Amber, Sandal and Vanilla give you the final touch of elegance X


bergamot, jasmin, rose, buchu, cardamome, ambers, musks
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A luxurious fragrance takes you from the first glimpse into the dreamy atmosphere of London, strolling through its spring-rich royal gardens. The luxury of floral, jasmine, amber blossoms and sweet spices live in a unique and memorable experience with the London fragrance. X

On a sunny beautiful summer day and morning full of happiness and activities , we created this dynamic group structure, to fit perfectly the feeling of joy and explosive energy when it's components touch your senses and your smile, where aromatic combination as Sunbeam. Mandarin blossom, seaweeds, bergamot and vetiver plant with Special mixes of white flowers, musk and cedar woods radioactive perfume like the morning breeze.


cardamome, black pepper, patchouly, vetiver, ambers, musks
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A rich, stylish and modern fragrance with a refreshing and light scent, takes you to a unique adventure within the breathtaking natural environment of the Mediterranean island of Sicily, where the aromatic aromas of the Vitifur and the cardamom blend are mixed with lavender and mandarin blossoms, with mint and black pepper petals and sweet pear aromas and pear fruit for the deep sea. , The white musk and the patchoule with the plumage of amber gives you relaxation and recovery. X


cardamome, bergamot, black pepper, patchouly, ambers, musks
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This fragrance is the garden of eden, the floral fragrance and the refreshing combination of grapefruit with the aromas of wood and oak, you feel overwhelmed in the depths of the sea with successive flows of tangerine blossoms and refreshing jasmine moving you deep in of the heart. X

Blue water

rosmarin, thyme, lavandin, bergamot, orange, geranium, mint, patchouly, vetiver, ambers
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On a sunny summer day, this fragrance comes as a glass of ice cold water with lemon blossoms to moments of vibrant and happiness. The base of this fragrance is luxurious sandalwood, oak and oak mosses. Full of bright watery vibes and the aroma of lavender and flavored vetiver. X