2 x 100ml, 1 x 50ml, 4 x 20ml
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The most luxurious collection which is signed with Excellent word is the most unique selection presented in fancy modern designs whereas the best selected kinds of leather set with gold and wood then wrapped with royal classy velvet. Moreover you can keep your precious jewelry in this beautiful box. X


3 x 50ml
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Your selected perfume from LORD comes in golden ages "ART DECO" 3 bottles in 50ml size, inside elegant wooden box wrapped with classy velvet touch as well inlaid with golden copper and ornamentations signed with the splendid mark. X


1 x 100ml, 1 x 50ml, 2 x 20ml
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The elites selection comes as a result of the golden era of the luxury brand, where the rest of stunning and elegant collection are launched. It comes in tow rows of 100 ml perfume containing the lord's black diamond with your choice of 50 ml and 20 ml bottles for the pocket and pouch. The entire collection comes in a luxurious innovative wooden box wrapped with classy velvet feel material also with some of golden brass accessories of the classy logo. In addition it can be reused for your valuable things and precious jewelry. X

Travel Box

4 x 20ml, plus leather bag.
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For the traveling lovers LORD invented a 4 special marvelous perfumes in 20 ml kept in high quality leather small bag inside elegant wooden box with a drawing of the most famous world landmarks sealed with the LORD logo.


Master Piece

3 x 100ml
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Stylish modern designs is the best description of this fabulous collection. You will have your selected perfume in 100 ml package. Covered with special gift box which is painted with 7 layers of shiny black color by using the piano technique. As advice you can reuse this magnificent box for personal usage. X